Design Does Good

Posted on 2012-01-25 by

In the past several years we have repeatedly revisited the question of how to ‘give back’ to our community as effectively as we possibly can. Though we have done so sporadically, we haven’t had a unifying vision to work from… until now. ‘Design Does Good’ is our new charitable platform and we’re thrilled to launch it.

Initial initiatives of ‘Design Does Good’ include:

  • Local Lunch
  • Studio Events
  • Donated Design Services

Local Lunch

  • Monthly lunch for two in our studio – an opportunity to connect and to table/discuss opportunities for Design Does Good
  • Lunch from a local (downtown) restaurant will be provided by ReDesign
  • Participants will be selected from and by our Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers
    • Bi-monthly Local Lunch participants will be Fans or Followers chosen randomly and announced on Facebook and Twitter
    • Alternating months we will host one or two members of the following groups, as recommended by Fans and Followers:
      • Local politicians
      • Local charity representatives
      • Local business leaders
      • Fanshawe College Interior/Architectural Design Students
      • Fanshawe College Interior/Architectural Design Professors

Studio Events

We feel very fortunate to work in a dynamic, adaptable downtown studio space. We also realize that while it is a work space, it has much broader potential. As such we will be opening our space up to various charitable organizations for meetings and functions at no cost. Additionally, we will be hosting fund raisers in the space in support of various charitable initiatives.

We will be posting frequently regarding the available meeting space and accepting subsequent applications. While we will not be able to accommodate all applicants, we will do our best to be as generous as possible.

Donated Design Services

Ultimately, this is where we feel that we are best able to give back to our local community. In fact, we envision both the Local Lunches and Studio Events will serve to surface ideal opportunities for us to donate design services. While they will create opportunities for critical conversations, our goal is to have them lead to our greatest opportunity to give back.

We believe strongly that ENVIRONMENT INFORMS EXPERIENCE. We also know that ENVIRONMENT INFORMS EFFECTIVENESS. As such, we seek opportunities to provide inspirational spaces to individuals and groups who would not typically have the means to invest in design. With such projects we will also seek to rally supporters who will help to realize the construction of such spaces.

As with the Studio Events initiative, we will be seeking out those opportunities where we feel that we can offer the greatest impact. Social media channels will be the primary method that we use to seek out these opportunities.

In order to take immediate action we are leaping into this initiative before all aspects have been fully developed. On the horizon is a Design Does Good blog (as suggested by Ed Jackman) that will be dedicated entirely to this initiative. We envision a much broader reach for Design Does Good in the future and will be approaching other designers and firms to join us in giving back as a design community. In the meantime our initiatives will be perpetuated through social media.