Downtown London Restaurant Patios

Patio Power! Virtually a rite of summer, the patio has proven illusive for many restaurants in downtown London… until now. Final approval for the downtown London parking spot patio concept has been acquired and construction on the initial patios is imminent.

We truly appreciated the opportunity to develop the design concept for the soon-to-be-realized parking spot patios. We were approached by the Downtown London organization to design a modular patio assembly that could be adapted to various restaurants.

We set out to craft a concept that was both aesthetically pleasing and interesting, could be dismantled at season’s end, had the ability to be branded to it’s respective restaurant through the use of colour and provided a sense of privacy while not restricting air flow. Viewports throughout the slatted wall structure provide enhanced glimpses of the patio activity. A mildly voyeuristic experience meant to draw others in.

Pictured below are four renderings of our patio concept, in this case positioned in front of Jambalaya on Dundas Street.

Parking Patio Design Concept 1

Parking Patio Design Concept 2

Parking Patio Design Concept 3

Parking Patio Design Concept 4